Register here for the First Priority REVIVE Student Training:

Saturday, August 12, 2017
Christian Family Church
3457 W. Kenyon Ave., Tampa 33614
Saturday, August 19th
Liberty Baptist Church
9401 4th St N.
St. Petersburg  33702
All students, youth groups and youth leaders invited to one of these free training dates. Students will learn how to start (or re-launch) a First Priority on their campus.
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Which training date are you registering for (both dates offer the same training)?

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Please give us your cell number (if you do not have a cell, please provide an email).

We will contact you if changes about the training occur.
Are you a middle or high school student? If yes, what grade (2017-2018 school year)?

Where will you attend school in the fall?

Are you a youth pastor or youth leader? If yes, from which church or school?

All leaders who work with middle and high school students are invited to attend, including teacher hosts/sponsors.
Are you bringing a guest or a friend? If yes, how many?

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